The Vanguards of the Forge

The Vanguards were a group of five legendary adventurers that brought about a lot of change to Baileforge. They came to prominence in the final years of the rule of the Dread Emperor Valen, quickly becoming a symbol of hope for the many oppressed people that called Baileforge their home. Their most notable accomplishment of course was in leading a revolution that overthrew the Dread Emperor and replaced it with the Triumvirate system that stays in place to this day.

There are currently three living members still adventuring to some extent: 

There is Achaka Metalbeard, a Dwarven Cleric that provided much of the heart for the group, he is said to be a very warm person, always able to provide a good hearty laugh for everyone, but also able to turn on the heat when necessary.

Also alive is Rimion Ilinsyrer, the quiet and observant Elf Rogue of the party. He is said to be the dark brooding member of the group, but those that have met him speak of the great kindness he displays, and that everyone else's safety and happiness is always put before his own.

Finally there is Cosima Farfoot, a stout Halfling Fighter that grew up in an abusive family, which caused her to toughen up at a young age and made her very defensive and distrusting. The only people she really ever warmed up to were the rest of the Vanguards and her husband that she married after defeating Valen. Sadly he passed away some 50 or 60 years ago, only serving to further her distrust of the world at large.

The two other members that have since passed away were a pair of Humans:

Tòmas MacCrìsdein (a sorcerer) & Else Kollmann (a paladin). Not much is known about them except that despite their wildly different personalities, they fell in love and retired together to Tòmas' homeland Scarrell, where they are both buried together.

The Vanguards of the Forge

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