Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 19

A date with JUSTICE!!!

Our heroes found themselves locked up in a small cell in Edel Tor, quite unsure what to do next. Part of them felt like they should see this through, and another part felt that escape was the only option. In the end, they decided to see it out, and face whatever charges laid before them. A couple of days after being locked up, Soren was escorted to a separate chamber for questioning. Once inside, his superior from Maedhan's Crossing, Durila Norlyr walked in through the door and sat down across the table. 

Durila listed all of the charges being placed against the group, which included treason, colluding with known traitors, unprovoked murder of government officials, and so on. To which Soren responded by explaining their actions over the course of the last six and a half months. His explanation seemed to appease her, and remove any doubts she had about him and his group. Then she slipped her hand under the table and cast message in his direction. She said that the trial was a farce. That there was a group working for the Order of the Hand that had infiltrated key positions in the Justicars, and were working to undermine their power and lead the country to war with Vellandria; and they were using this trial as a propelling force towards war. Her final advice was to speak as truthfully as possible and she would do everything in her power to free them.

After delivering this information to the rest of the group, they decided to reach out to some of their allies, and request their aid at the upcoming trial. They spent the next few days Sending out to a few trusted allies, most of whom agreed to help however they could, until finally the day of the trial came. They entered the courtroom and noticed three primary figures in the room on balconies above them, it was the Triumvirate, the leaders of Baileforge here to judge over them in the flesh. And after the various introductions, The Shield(Giles Bellamy), began the courtroom proceedings. It was a long process, but the group pleaded their case, and had plenty of testimonials backing them from their various allies. There was one hiccup though, in that Silva kept disrupting the proceedings, and managed to get himself thrown out of the court. 

In the end, the Triumvirate voted in favor of releasing the group from almost all of the charges, they were found guilty of the murder of five Publicani, but in light of the circumstance they were issued a 5,000g fine instead of imprisonment. In addition to that, they were to be branded with a rune that would allow the state to track their movements within all major cities in Balieforge, Silva was given the extra punishment of the brand not allowing him entrance to Edel Tor ever again, thanks to his disruptive behavior. After their eventual release the group was left pondering what to do next.

Silva was camping outside of town, and everyone else stayed for one more night at the tavern.  While eating supper, Soren saw a vision of dark shadowy wings wrapped around a shadowy individual across the room, he and the rest of the group decide to follow this figure, as well as his apparent traveling partner, a young adventuring woman. They eventually got into a chase and followed the pair across town, all the way to The Tombs(the graveyard district) before cornering them in an alley. Cordyr detected that the shady guy was in fact a vampire and began to move in to attack, but the vampire pleaded with him to stop. He claimed that he was a good vampire, that he didn't drink from people, just livestock, and that he never drank to kill. He also claimed the he and his partner were vampire hunters in fact, and that they were on a hunt right now. A zone of truth appeared to confirm his story, and the group reluctantly agreed to accompany and help them on their hunt. They snuck out into one of the nearby grave sites, and hid around the corner of a nearby mausoleum. One of the nearby graves, which looked to be quite recently dug, began to tremor and shake, and a gnarly withered claw of a hand emerged from the soil. Cordyr of course immediately began to charge at the creature, but on his way there was ambushed by a cloud of smoke that formed itself into the shape of a man, or more specifically a vampire!


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