Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 9

The "writing's" on the wall

Battered and bruised we find our heroes leaving behind the village of Bastow, only about a day and a half away from Metzer's Arcane Seminary. As night begins to fall, some of the party notice a faint glow and the din of many thousands of voices having conversation. Ambi went ahead to check what it was, and when he returned he told them about the large army making camp, apparently on the march to go somewhere nearby. Instead of making contact, the group decides to go the long way around the camp and sleep far enough away from them that they wouldn't be detected. However as they traveled they encountered a small patrol group keeping a watch on this area. Using some quick deceptions and a surprisingly well done illustration by Rhodes, the group convinced the patrolling officers to allow them to pass.

The following day they arrived at a ferry that carried them to the Crescent Isles and then shortly after, they landed at the smallest of the islands that, according to Vikhtik Talmore, contained the seminary. Despite Cordyr's skepticism, Vikhtik assured the group that this was the right place, even though there was no tower in sight and the only discernible building was a large log cabin perched on the side of the island's large hill. For a few moments the group deliberated about how to carry the barrels of mysterious fluid up the hill, when finally Vikhtik decided to go get help from the seminary. A few moments later a thin Elf woman with jet black hair, bright blue eyes and a very ornate set of robes appeared out of nowhere carrying a large net. She greeted the group rather curtly, saying that her name was Cara and that she would take care of the barrels and that the group should head up to the cabin where Vikhtik was waiting for them. She proceeded to tie up all of the barrels in her net and before the group could do much of anything, she teleported once more vanishing along with the barrels. 

Trusting that Vikhtik knew what he was doing, the group traveled up the hill towards the large log cabin resort. After meeting Vikhtik at the entrance, he ushered the group through the large, well lit cabin, explaining that it is intended to be the guest area for the tower and while there are important things done here, the real magic is all handled in the tower. He escorts the group to a large set of double-doors gaurded by two sentries. Behind the door they found a white undecorated room with a 10 foot wide staircase leading down into the floor. As they walked down the stairs they realized that the stairs curved upside down, and even though they should be falling they stayed upright until the stairs brought them to an identical set of double doors to the ones they just passed through. On the other side of this door though, was a circular room about 40-50 feet in diameter, with various doors lining the edge of the room and a ceiling so high that they couldn't even see it up above them. Through the tall windows that lined two sides of the room, the group could only see a dark violet emptiness stretching out away from the tower. 

They went into one of the ground floor doors where they were officially introduced to Cara Seltune, the Lady Master of the Order of Watchful Magists and Protectors. She dispensed their due payment for escorting the barrels to the tower, and she also showed them the barrels safe and sound in one of the research chambers located in the vault. As the group began to ask various questions to her about their larger quest regarding the mysterious organization, she told them she would be able to better help them the next morning and they would be set up with a couple of rooms in the entry hall. They met with Vikhtik's old master Brian Mubarak, who shared some embarrassing stories about Vikhtik and showed them to their rooms. 

Seeing that they still had some time left in the day, the party decided to make their way to the nearby Elven city of Ghaya, in order to do some shopping with their newfound wealth. Cordyr commissioned a restoration of his broken full-plate, Silva got a new tattoo as well as a box of chewing tobbacco, Soren bought some specialty coffee and tea, Rhodes bought some psychedelics and went on a trip that led to him drawing on a wall with horse-shit and rat's blood(quite well to his own surprise), Renald got some enchanted weaponry, and Shel….well she seemed quite distracted until deciding to run off into the wilderness saying that she would be back within a day or two. As night fell once again, the group made their way back to their rooms for the first good night of sleep they have had in weeks.


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