Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 7

The Tempest Looms

Finally ready to resume their journey, our party sets out on the southern road towards Metzer's. They travel through a small village on their first day, wherein Silva finds himself in a brawl with one of the tavern-dwellers, and after an easy victory they continued on their way. The next day and a half of travel was pretty uneventful. But then on the following night, during Shel's watch, she found herself falling uncontrollably asleep. When she awoke she found herself in complete silence and darkness. It was only after the silence dissipated that she was able to awaken everybody and then shortly afterwards, the darkness cleared. Only now that the darkness had cleared could they see that the wagon containing the barrels had vanished.

Acting quickly, Silva hopped onto one of the horses that had been left behind and started tracking the wagon, with the rest of the party in tow. After only a half hour of searching, they spotted it in the distance, and as they approached the wagon it appeared to have been abandoned. They were searching for clues as to who might have taken it when they were startled by a voice from atop the wagon. The thief revealed himself to be a Tabaxi named Ambidextrous Cobra…or Ambi for short. He explained that hed been hired by tattooed men to retrieve their cargo, but curiosity got the better of him and he decided to sneak a peek at what was in the barrels, then at that point he wanted to know more about what the stuff was so he waited for the party to catch up to him. Ambi offered his services to the group as long as they let him travel with them so he could learn more about the mysterious fluid, and they agreed. 

The next day, the group finally arrived at the base of Tempest Mountain, which was where their path would take them to cross the mountain pass. At the base of the mountain they found themselves in a dilapidated, mostly abandoned town save for the local Inn, Tempest's Shadow B&B. They paid for a few rooms and had a nice meal, during which they met a Justicar that was here to investigate some weird goings on near the peak of the mountain, and since the party happened to be going that way anyway, he agreed to let them travel with him. The journey up the mountain was fairly uneventful, but as they neared the summit, the weather began to get pretty hairy. They reached the Martense Mansion that Otto, their new Justicar traveling companion, was looking for; and after some brief deliberation decided to continue down the mountain rather than stay in the mansion overnight. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake. Soon the mountainside was a torrential downpour of snow, sleet, & hail, and the group began to scramble for any sort of shelter. After a few hours of digging and cutting trees, they hunkered down and tried to get some sleep while waiting out the storm.

Chilled to the bone, the group woke up and, miraculously, everyone was fine and the horses were already beginning to warm themselves up. It took the rest of the day to recollect themselves, and then make it down the rest of the mountain. Upon exiting the vale, they saw a small hamlet at the edge of the mountain. They arrived as the sun was setting, and after getting their bearings and learning the village's name(Bastow), they found the nearest Inn and got a well earned nights rest.


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