Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 6

Interrogations, Friendly and Fierce

The time had finally come, Cordyr could practically smell Achaka Metalbeard from where he stood. The Vanguards were mere feet away from him but he couldn't manage to get their attention while blending into the crowd like he was. He needed to stand out from the crowd(not that that would be too hard for him). So as the Vanguards made their way into the tavern, Cordyr grabbed his trusty grappling hook and attempted to scale the building. After a couple of failed attempts though, he was accosted by some of the nearby guards and told that he has to leave the city. Not to lose his chance though, Cordyr barrels through the guards and into the tavern. Determined to meet his idol he sprints into the inn and locates where they are. His friends see his great determination and try to help him in his quest, but before he can make it very far, Cosima Farfoot(the Halfling fighter member of the Vanguards) ends the conflict with a very convincing threat. At this point Renald and Soren reveal themselves to be Cordyr's allies and plead for an opportunity to meet with the Vanguards. Achaka Metalbeard agreed, but not until after they finished their meal.

While the group awaited their meeting with the Vanguards behind a locked door, they met with a strange hairy halfling that was traveling with a tiefling on a mission to locate the very same tattooed organization that had been entangled with our adventurers. After exchanging some information the halfling left with his tiefling compatriate, and the group was left to wait for the Vanguards arrival. After another hour or so, they heard some voices and heavy footsteps coming towards their room. Achaka Metalbeard appeared through the doorway, followed by Rimion Ilinsyrer. They had a brief conversation, and Achaka seemed genuinely interested in their mission; however as it turned out he actually didn't know any spells that would allow him to speak with the dead, or raise dead for that matter. He did wish them luck on their mission and gave them a gift in the form of a bag of holding to aid them in their travels.

The groups elation after the meeting didn't last for very long though. Mere moments after the Vanguards carriage departed from the tavern, a bright white blast blinded the group and when their vision returned, a crater had formed where the carriage had been and dozens of bodies lay limp and dismembered around the edge of the crater. Acting quickly, the group identified a suspicious individual and when they went to ask her some questions, she took off trying to escape. A chase had begun, and the pursuant seemed desperate to escape unscathed. The group managed to catch her with the aid of some nearby townsfolk who read the situation well, and began to interrogate her while waiting for the Justicar to arrive. Cordyr, having just watched his lifelong idol disappear in a flash, wasn't feeling particularly merciful and he rather ruthlessly interrogated her to the point of revealing that she was from Vellandria, the continent to the south, and that she had been sent to remove the Vanguards from the equation so Vellandria could more easily invade Baileforge. 

With this new information, the party is finally ready to leave Maedhan's Crossing and continue towards Metzer's Arcane Seminary.


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