Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 18

Trouble with Tabaxi

The following morning, our group began to track down Cordyr, their recently missing party member. They set out towards the west, back towards Bastow, as that seemed to be the most likely place for him to go given the recent events. Shel quickly picked up his tracks and they set off after him; after about a day's travel the tracks led them just outside Bastow, to a large boulder sitting near the mountain's edge. After some investigation it became clear that Cordyr was magically hiding himself inside the boulder, and didn't seem to want to come out. Seeing the futility of the situation, Renald drafted a note for Cordyr, letting him know of his importance to the group, and he insisted that he meet them in Ghaya if he still wanted to be a part of the group. They then set off back towards Metzer's, traveling through the night.

Later on the road, the group encountered a Tabaxi that introduced himself as Cato. The tabaxi was coincidentally, also looking for Cordyr. Not fully trusting his intentions, the group simply said that they last saw him near Bastow, but gave no more information than that, and the group continued onward, thinking little of the interaction. Meanwhile, Cordyr was reading the note left behind by Renald, he decided to swallow his pride and rejoin his compatriots. On his way back however, he crossed the path of a suspicious looking Tabaxi; before he knew it he was being levitated 20ft into the air and after taking numerous hits (from what appeared to be arrows but felt like gut punches), Cordyr slipped into unconsciousness. 

Hours later, Silva was tending to the horses outside of the Crescent Isles, when he noticed the Cato walking by, carrying a large sack over his shoulder. Sensing that something was wrong, he approached the Tabaxi and asked what he was carrying; Cato told him to mind his own business, which Silva took as a personal invitation to start kicking his ass. They fought, and Silva was very nearly defeated a few times, but through sheer force of determination, he avoided being levitated and continued his assault on Cato long enough for the Tabaxi to start running away, leaving behind the unconscious (but still living) body of Cordyr.

The next day the group reunited and Cordyr apologized for the whole ordeal. The group had just arranged for a teleportation scroll from lady Cara to get them to the capital city, Edel Tor. They activated the scroll and shortly found themselves in a vast cityscape. They arranged for some rooms at a local inn, and set out to the market district for some shopping, and for Renald to do some investigations into his mother's apparent disappearance. Though after a day of looking about, came up with no real leads. 

Throughout their travels in the city, they noticed the guards and security officers giving them odd looks and distrustful glances. While having a conversation with one of the merchant's guild members, trying to find leads on Renald's mother, the Gnome guild member began to feel uncomfortable and excused himself from the room. A few minutes later he returned with a cadre of armed guards, requesting that the entire group come with them for questioning. The guards escorted them to a Justicar holding facility, where their weapons were confiscated and they were thrown into a small cell with a 4 inch thick steel door. Without any real indication of why, the crew found themselves locked up with no discernible way out.


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