Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 17

Surprise Visitors

Standing amongst the corpses of the beasts they had just defeated, our adventurers took a moment to catch their breath. During this time Cordyr sent Hufflepuff down one of the various small tunnels leading out of this chamber, and after a couple of minutes he came upon a tunnel that led to a dimly glowing light, just as hufflepuff was approaching though, the tunnel exit began to close in on itself, completely crushing the owl. After summoning his bird once again, Cordyr told the group about what had happened, and the group decided they needed to make their way down somehow.

Just as they were trying to figure out how to squeeze through the small holes in the floor, a large pit suddenly opened up beneath everybody, and everybody but Renald and Shel fell into the hole. Fortunately the drop wasn't too damaging, and those that fell now found themselves staring down a tunnel that lead to that same glowing light that Hufflepuff had seen earlier. The other members of the group tied a couple of ropes down and made their way down the pit. The group followed the tunnel and found themselves in a room surrounded by 6 of the mutated creatures atop 10ft columns, and a more humanoid figure on a 20ft platform at the other end of the room. This figure addressed them and blamed them for killing his children, he didn't move to attack them though; that is until Cordyr began to attack him from below, causing the obedient creatures to move to defend their apparent father.

During the fight, the floors began to fill with a similar mysterious silvery fluid that they transported to Metzer's Seminary as their first quest. The fluid, as it entered the room began to fill in carved runes on the floor, eventually filling up and causing the floor to glow with radiant energy. Periodically through the fight, the leader of these monsters would throw various crystals onto the floor, causing the floor to radiate a powerful energy that drained the life of anybody touching the ground; any dead creature caught in this blast was vaporized, which caused the color of the energy to shift. Eventually Silva managed to crush the leader using his earth moving powers against himself, but that didn't stop the underlings from attempting to throw the crystals onto the floor. After a couple more bodies were absorbed, the last living creature froze in its place, and his flesh began to rip open, out of which stepped a beautiful, naked woman with red skin and the tiniest pair of horns on her head. She identified herself as Fierna, Arch-Devil of the fourth layer of the Nine Hells. Fierna informed the group that they were to leave of their own accord, or she would forcfully remove them, and that they still had some sort of part to play in all of this. Cordyr refused to go, so she forced Silva to drag him away against his will.

A few days later, they had made it back to the Crescent Isles, and were doing some research at Metzer's Arcane Seminary. After spending some time at the library, and having an 'intimate' conversation with the librarian, they went to Ghaya to search for Cordyr who had gone into town for some shopping. They asked around and were somewhat shocked to learn that Cordyr had chartered a boat to the north shore of the lake and had departed towards Bastow. Shaken and confused, the rest of the group prepared to set out to find him, before he got himself killed….or worse.


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