Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 16

Grin & Bear It

After defeating and unmasking Cosima Farfoot, our group found themselves wondering what to do next. As they were deliberating about their next moves, a few members of the group became aware of a pair of eavesdroppers nearby. They attempted to sneak up on the mysterious duo, but Renald tripped over some crates alerting them to our groups approach. The duo revealed themselves to be Bryseis and Jester, the vengeance seekers that they had previously met in Maedhan’s Crossing. They explained that they had spent some time imprisoned in the Justicar holding facility in Maedhan’s Crossing, but had broken out while being transferred to Edel Tor. That is when they proceeded to Sweetwater, where they continued to hunt anybody they found that had the AM tattoo. This led them to follow Cosima and her riders, where they eventually stumbled upon our adventurers once again. Bryseis extended an invitation to help them eradicate the tattooed group, if they ever found themselves in sweetwater, after which the two of them proceeded on their way.


At this point the group decided the next course of action would be to investigate the source of the mysterious creatures that attacked them before in the tavern storeroom. They began the trek up the Tempest mountain path once again, this time a little better equipped for the cold. On their first night on the mountain, they saw a pair of glowing eyes peering at them from a nearby cavern, but it made no advances on them so they simply let the creature be. The next morning they found their way to the Martense mansion at the peak of the pass, and began to explore its long abandoned interior. They didn’t find a whole lot of anything at first, but as they kept exploring they found a few clues here and there. Renald found a journal completely written in Infernal, which nobody in the group could read. They also found various skeletal remains littered throughout the house, as well as the more recent corpse of Otto Jesperson, the Justicar that they travelled with briefly on their first pass through the mountain, and whom they left to his business, thinking he would be just fine on his own.

Through further exploration, they eventually found a secret entrance to a dungeon below the mansion. At the back of the dungeon they found a tunnel that they followed to an open chamber deep in the mountain. As they entered the antechamber, they realized they weren’t alone and they entered into a fight for their lives with the mutated creatures. They quickly dispatched the creatures, but not before taking a few deep wounds themselves.


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