Tag: Valden


  • Thora Birchwood

    Human, Slender frame, unkempt wavy brunette hair, always wearing stained aprons and blouses. She is the owner and proprietor of the Glimmerstream Inn, and she is very warm and courteous but if you end up on her bad side, you will probably regret it. The …

  • Sten Hammerfist III

    Portly dwarf with a shaved head and a braided reddish-brown beard. The blacksmith of Valden, mostly versed in repairing saw blades, he remembers a time long ago when his father taught him the art of crafting weaponry. Also has a small collection of …

  • Jerald Rhinehart

    Tall stout human, wears clean but otherwise unspectacular clothing. He is the nobleman who owns much of the land in Valden, including most of the lumber mills and a few farms on the outskirts of town. As such he is the de-facto leader of the town and is …

  • Krumholtz

    Gnome salesman in charge of the general store called Krumholtz’s Encumbrances.