Arlen Lastare(Gallantria)

"We shall continue this discussion at a later time" - Arlen before throwing himself out of a tower.


Arlen has pale skin, and light grey hair. As an elf, he has pointed ears longer than a human’s. His drow heritage shows due to a colorless hue on his pale skin color, as well as light red eye color. When it comes to abilities, Arlen has an intelligence quite above average, with average wisdom and charisma.

Arlen is proficient in spell-casting, thanks to an elemental patron. He has developed certain abilities that he can cast at will, such as flight, prehensile hair, healing, and the ability to put others to sleep. While he had his familiar with him, Arlen would commune with it every day and gain spells for the day. Since McCloud was destroyed and his essence divided into four lamps, Arlen might not have access to the same font of power as before.


Arlen’s Origins
Born from a line of elves intermingled with drow, Arlen’s family was somewhat separated from regular elven society. Living on the outskirts of a small village, Arlen’s father kept his family on the fringes of society, as he was the one who carried the Drow influence in his blood. Arlen’s mother however, was a cleric who focused her skills in healing towards helping others.

Growing up, Arlen always admired his father’s skill with a blade and he admired his mother’s holy gifts. While growing up, he sought to become a holy warrior to impress both of his parents. However this was not to be, as his tainted blood prevented him from receiving the gifts of his mother’s deity, and his frail physique never allowed him to wield a blade effectively. One day, a frustrated young Arlen fled into the woods near his home, seeking to be alone for some time in order to reflect on who he was to become. While wandering, he fell down a ravine, which connected to an underground cave system. For a moment he thought of going deep underground, as perhaps his drow ancestors would take him in and perhaps welcome him more openly to their society. This thought was interrupted, as he saw a small fox, somehow beckoning to him. He followed it, and as he followed the fox, a light began to shine down the path he was being let to. The fox came to a stop at the entrance of an underground structure and Arlen found himself face to face with an elemental being.
Made of Fire, Earth, Water and Air, this being was unlike anything he had seen before. The different elements molded and shifted to form a bearded, floating face, which stood in the middle of a cubic metal room. Glowing runes decorated the cavern, and they all encircled the elemental. When it noticed Arlen, he roared in agony “Have your kind not done enough? What more do you want!” A stunned Arlen stood in place, and on a second glance, the elemental seemed to calm down.
“You are not as dark as the ones before, nor do you wield any weapons, who are you?”
“My name is Arlen, and I found my way down here after wandering in the woods. I…”
“The woods!” interrupted the floating head “I may not be as deeply buried as I thought! Young one, I plead with you, erase my bindings, that I may reconnect with the earth and feel freedom once again”
Skeptical at first, Arlen interrogated the elemental about its condition. It had been lured by Drow with magical incantations and trapped inside this room by foul magics. The Drow had absorbed some of his power to imbue their weapons with magical properties. This had been going on for a while, and the runes prevented the elemental from escaping. Arlen agreed to free him and he began to erase the runes.

The thankful elemental imbued Arlen with his favor, and he managed to imbue him with some of the magical energies that were leftover from the runes. Aside from that, the elemental carried both Arlen and the fox to the surface. The fox would become the conduit through which Arlen communicated with him, in case he needed its help. It would also become Arlen’s companion and he would name it McCloud.

A New Continent
When word reached his village that the Coalition would once again venture into Gallantria, Arlen sought a perfect opportunity to put his own particular skills to the test. He gathered enough coin to afford the trip, and ventured towards the new frontier. Perhaps these new lands would allow him to find new sources of power, hidden from society, like the elemental had been. Perhaps new adventures would allow him to build a name for himself, one that would remove the stigma from his family’s heritage. The opportunities were endless.

Arlen Lastare(Gallantria)

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