Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 13

An Exercise in Repetition

Our group of adventurers continued their exploration of this veritable madhouse, hoping desperately that the end is near. There were still a few unexplored floors, so they chose one of them at random and entered it into the elevator. The contraption brought them down deeper than they had been before, they used this opportunity to rest up for whatever awaited them down below. The elevator finally stopped and they trepidatiously began to enter the room; which appeared to be Meldizar's workshop. Surrounding them were a number of grotesqueries, including but not limited to an unconscious Rakshasa chained to the ceiling with a pool of blood collecting below its feet. Out from an adjacent chamber, a shabbly looking wizard revealed himself, Quarrios Meldizar. After a brief but tense discussion about his intentions, the group subconsciously readied themselves for a fight. Despite the surprise attack achieved by Meldizar due to a well timed Time Stop spell, the group managed to corner him in a silenced room and wail on him until he went unconscious, at which point Silva threw him into a nearby bed-fire; killing him before anybody could stabilize his wounds.

The group searched the room and found a few items of note. Most importantly they found the book that Gerian Longbrow had been sent to find. The group travelled back to the entry room, finally ready to be free of this place. Once there however, they discovered that the door refused to open, suddenly Soren recieved a vision that appeared to be telling him that they were being timed for some reason. They decided to explore the rest of the dungeon, hopefully revealing a way to exit the chamber. Before they could finish exploring the dungeon, their timer ran out and the clock hit the 12 o'clock position. Just like that, they found themselves back at the entrance feeling fresh since they had just rested in the cavern behind them. None of them knew this, but they were caught in a time loop.

After over 100 loops, the group began to snap out of it. Starting with Shel, then working through the rest of the group, they began to see that they had done all of this before. After all of them 'awoke' it was simple to clear the dungeon up to the point that they had been before. Only one room remained. After clearing away the wall, they found a new room with a medallion bathed in arcane light floating in the middle of the room. Silva reached out and grabbed the medallion. As soon as he grasped it, a column of earth fell from above and crushed Silva, killing him instantly. As soon as it happened though, the medallion activated; causing time to reverse and allowing Silva to step out of the way of the pillar. 

At this point the cavern was beginning to collapse, so the party rushed back to the entrance to find the door now open wide for them. Once they escaped the cavern altogether, they used the teleportation scroll to return to the Arcane Seminary. Once here they were shocked to find out that they had been gone for around 5 months. Still reeling from this revelation, they made their way to Lady Seltune's office where they began to tell their unusual story.


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