Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 12

The Man Out of Time

Before anybody had a chance to react, Silva was charging toward the threatening Oni. Exhausted after clearing the rest of the cave, our group was hardly prepared for a fight as dangerous as this one, at various stages of the fight almost every group member found themselves incapacited. The Oni cast some very dangerous spells including a cone of cold, which almost single-handedly wiped out the party. Even the previously cowardly Dillane stepped up, and with his aid the group managed to fell the Oni and his two Displacer Beasts. After the fight the group set up camp to rest, and then proceeded to enter Meldizar's Tomb. 

Inside the tomb, the group found a very clean marble room, Shel detected the faintest sign of tracks, and the group began to follow them. They led to a room with an odd diamond shaped panel in the back of the room, and using a nearby template, traced a path on the panel that caused the room to start to tremble before it began to move down deeper underground. This elevator-like contraption brought them to a room where they found a beaten up Dwarf fighting with a mimic in the shape of a treasure chest. They assisted the dwarf and destroyed the mimic, and discovered that his name was Gerian Longbrow. After talking with him for a bit, it became clear that Gerian first arrived here about 800 years ago, even though by his account he'd only been here for a few hours. Something about this place has kept him alive all this time, without even his knowledge of the passage of time.

Now with an additional traveling companion, the group set out to explore the remainder of the tomb, entirely unsure of what to expect in the coming chambers.


sean_corleone sean_corleone

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