Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 11

Rumble in the Grotto

Our adventurers cautiously approached the cavern entrance, Renald leading the group, with the intent to try and negotiate. They slowly approached the first ogre and his basilisk partner. After establishing a tenuous rapport with the ogre, they attempted to determine why the ogres were here. It didn't take long for negotiations to fall apart and the ogre began to show signs of aggression. The rest of the group entered and both the ogre and the basilisk were downed before they could alert the other inhabitants of the cave.

Investigating the next area in the cavern, the group discovered one of the researchers they were sent to find, only he was petrified from the gaze of a basilisk. They discovered a greater restoration potion in his belongings and managed to pour it down his throat. He soon awoke and revealed himself to be Dillane Orsum(the man who sent the help letter to Lady Seltune), he explained that when his group arrived here it was empty, but after about a week of exploration, the ogres arrived with their basilisks in tow and that was essentially the last thing he remembered. It took some convincing, but the group managed to convince him that they needed to keep going forward to search for any of his missing party members.

In the next chamber they found a great number of ogres and basilisks waiting for them. Instead of facing them head on, the party set up an elaborate trick. They took a great-club and made it look golden and magical. Then sent psychic messages to all the ogres telling them that the club was theirs to take. Chaos ensued and after the last one was left standing with the club, Cordyr quickly dispatched with him, leaving only the three basilisks. During the fight, Renald managed to get himself turned to stone before they killed the basilisks. Soren had recalled that the bile of a basilisk had restorative properties concerning the stony flesh its gaze created. Using the basilisk corpses they managed to get enough bile together to restore Renald to his former self. However, in the process of gathering the bile, Cordyr destroyed much of the usable materials in his eagerness to help. This caused a grievance between Silva and himself since Silva felt that Cordyr had poor teamwork; it seemed to him that Cordyr would rather do something poorly himself, than allow somebody else to do it properly. They aired their grievances the old-fashioned way, hitting each other in the face. After expending their resources on this squabble, they separated from each other and began to explore the rest of the cave. They ended up fighting two more ogres in an elevated portion of the cave, after which they believed they had completely cleared it. They had Dillane show them to the entrance of the crypt, so he escorted them to a large bridge crossing a deep chasm, across which some of the group noticed a bizzare looking panther for just a moment, before it vanished. They slowly crossed and after entering the room on the other side they found a well dressed elf with two of those panther-like creatures on either side of him. He began to speak in a low gravelly voice, explaining how he came here to protect an ancient power that the researchers were coming to steal. Not buying it for a second, the group began to draw their weapons and seeing he couldn't continue with the deception, he began to morph into his true form a large magic weilding ogre, otherwise known as an Oni.


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