Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 10

Ascending The Anferth

Our heroes found their way back to Cara Seltune's first floor office for a previously arranged meeting. Cara revealed to them that she had misled them before, she had the information they were seeking but was unable to share it because of an enchantment that prevented anybody from sharing information gained within their library. She proceeded to ask for a favor, and in return they would be granted access to the seminary's private library. 

The favor in question was to investigate the last known location of a group of researchers that went on a scouting mission to The Anferth in search of a missing ancient artifact. The group agreed, and the following morning they were teleported to a small village called Greyspell at the base of The Anferth Mountains. From there they purchased some climbing and cold weather equipment, then began their ascent into the frigid peaks above. They picked up the trail of the missing researchers on the first day and followed them to an abandoned campsite where they decided to rest for the night. The following day they were following the tracks when they spotted a small group of Giant Eagles flying in the distance, after they changed their clothes colors to white to camouflage themselves they evaded detection just fine. That night they camped out at the bottom of a 50' cliff. During his watch, Rhodes heard some unsettling howling and spotted a pair of glowing white eyes viewing them from atop the cliff. 

Rhodes proceeded to wake the group and they slowly began to prepare for a fight. After a few tense minutes, the eyes disappeared and the howling stopped. Then suddenly an enourmous yeti appeared ahead of them and lunged at Cordyr. During the fight 2 more yeti appeared, flanking the party, and ended up downing Soren, Shel, and Rhodes. After Cordyr landed the killing blow on the final yeti he quickly revived his companions and they finished out their rest. 

The next day they lost the trail…in an attempt to find it again, Cordyr sent Hufflepuff high into the air to search for any signs of them. Hufflepuff spotted a cave entrance a few miles through a nearby pass, and the group agreed that it might be worth checking out. They made it to the cavern exterior around the late afternoon, and quickly discovered numerous sets of tracks, most of them belonging to large bipedal creatures. They also found a week-old snow covered camp site off to the side of the cave. Before just marching into the cave they wisely decided to scout it out a bit first, so Rhodes shifted into a spider and went into the cave. He returned about 45 minutes later with his findings: that the cave was infested with ogres and, even worse, basilisks. If the party was going to enter the cave they'd have to do so with great caution…


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