It is the 199th year of the Age of Excellence in the kingdom of Baileforge. Nearly 200 years since the Vanguards of the Forge, a highly skilled group of warriors and mages, slew the Dread Emperor Valen and freed the land from his tyranny. Valen's rule left behind many scars though, many of which are still felt to this day. After the emperor was overthrown the people feared giving power to any one man, so a compromise was reached. A triumvirate was formed, the heads of which would control different aspects of rule. The Order of the Shield controls all matters of war, the Order of the Treasury controls all matters of finance, and the Order of the Hand is in charge of public relations, foreign affairs, and information gathering. 


After a few rocky years of this new status quo, Baileforge has experienced an extended renaissance culturally and technologically. But now, on the verge of a new century, the winds of change are blowing and forces unbeknownst by most are worming their way towards power. In recent years there has been an increase in attacks from dangerous creatures and unknown magicks. In order to combat this the Order of the Shield has created the Ratcatcher program, which provides bounties and incentives for capable adventurers to earn some money while helping rid the land of these dangerous menaces. 

Dawn of a New Age

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